An action and thought in exile

Zulfiqar Shah (Sindhi ذوالفقار شاہ Hindiजुल्फिकार शाह) is civil rights activist, journalist and writer of Sindhi origin. He was forced by Pakistan Army to unlawfully leave the country and close down The Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan in May 2012. He resettled in Nepal where UNHCR approved him refugee status. In Kathmandu, he started freelancing with the newspapers and websites on the issues of Pakistan particularly concerning Sindh and Balochistan. He was insurrected in his house in Kathmandu and was given heavy metal poison by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI with local facilitation; however he was rescued by the local doctors. He was forced to leave Nepal, thus he left for Pakistan on December 2013. In Pakistan, he again was persecuted and threatened to be killed. He went India for medical treatment on February 11, 2014, where he was not only denied appropriate health treatment on behalf of Pakistan High Commission in Delhi, but also was harassed by the high commission officials. He, along his wife Fatima Shah, gave a protest sit-in for 285 days near Indian Parliament house against Pakistan High Commission and its facilitation by the Indian authorities. Read more on Wikipedia