Our detention

It was a summer morning in 2014 when I woke up and found that my upper body was undressed. I along with my wife Fatima were giving a protest demonstration in Delhi and use to sleep those days on a roadside at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Someone later that day told us that a gadget (chip) has been inserted in my and my wife Ghulam Fatima’s body and my every movement would be recorded. I laughed and said nice joke!

In April 2015, I felt some happening in my body. All of sudden some voices came telling me that they are talking through the chip that is inserted in my body. I was astonished. I did not tell anyone because I felt if I told people would think I have lost my senses. I simply reported this to Connaught Place Police Station. They took me along with them, presented before the Patiala Court judge where I gave my statement. I was made free. The only problem I faced that I was questioned by a Joint Interrogation Team. I slept one night at Connaught Place Police Station.

I was told by someone that was talking through gadget / chip inserted in my body that this is a USA technology. Through this technology people are detained without sending them to the jails and putting them house arrested. A person can live a normal life however his every movement would be recorded. A GPS is part of this technology which continuously records location of the persons. Whatsoever is talked and seen is also recorded. This technology uses human eyes and ears to record every moment. This gadget works through central nervous system and controls human body functions and organs.

I was told that Pakistan has said to USA that Zulfiqar Shah is security threat to Pakistan. USA pressurized India to detain me through this technology hence a chip was inserted in my body while I was in India.

I use to listen through this technology the officials from three countries -- Pakistan (ISI), India (RAW) and USA (CIA). In June 2015, Pakistan authorities started inviting several persons from across Pakistan daily who used to talk about me. They were asked to give political and personal comments. This was continued till January 2017. I listened them.

Through discussion between the officials from the three countries, I learnt that this technology has three components. One is at headquarters in USA; other parts of it are in India and Pakistan.

From April 2016 to July 2016 my body organism was hijacked by Pakistani officials. USA and India officials tried to save my life. Thanks god I survived the murder attempts by Pakistani officials. Once again, my body organs are hijacked by Pakistani (ISI) officials since end of the January 2017. I am continuously being tortured.

Earlier in 2016 during the discussions, Pakistani officials have confessed the genocide, rapes and murders in Sindh and Balochistan in an informal discussion between Pakistani participants and Pakistani officials. These confessions are available on the record with India and USA. Pakistani officials also confessed that how they managed the election fraud in Balochistan. Many similar things have been confessed by them.
I was suggested by the doctors that PET scanning is the test through which location of this chip in the body can be identified. Due to scarcity of financial resources, I am unable to undergo that test.

In this situation, an intervention is required to save my life and the life of my wife Fatima. This technology in India is looked after by Deputy Director / Joint Director Ministry of External Affairs India, State Department USA and ISI Islamabad. An engagement with these authorities would save our lives. 

Zulfiqar Shah, June 6, 2017, New Delhi