How ISI officials disclosed to RAW and CIA about nuclear assets locations, their support to Taliban and Al Qaida and other similar things

It was fall for Pakistan. USA, India and Pakistan were engaged through live conversations. The Pakistani participants were ISI officials. USA was represented by CIA and India by RAW. This happened during April to November 2016. ISI official from Pakistan Army’s Signal Corps officer Sahib Khan suddenly told Indian emotionally that an ISI official, a colonel in posted near Parachinar of Pakistan tribal areas gave refuge to Afghan Taliban. 

CIA took it as evidence. One day, he also said managed to told CIA and RAW that Dadu Ibrahim is living in Clifton area of Karachi and his business once operated from Kawish plaza of Karachi from Shahrah-e-Faisal. He also told CIA and RAW that there are some “loopholes in the nuclear security system” through which any fundamentalist can have access to Pakistan nuclear assets. Sahib Khan, a Sindhi from probably district Larkana or Shikarpur submerged with ISI from Pakistan Army in Islamabad and is based ISI Islamabad headquarters. He felt no problem while telling CIA and RAW the GPS location of ISI headquarters in Abpara. He managed to tell CIA and RAW that Mullah Umer was living in Karachi. He also managed to tell them that Talibans were having meetings with Pakistan Army’s officers especially in Malir cantonment Karachi. He at least shared with them around 70 exclusive secrets with them.

In one October or November evening between 7 PM to 10 PM Sahib Khan, ISI official Zafar Imam, equivalent to a colonel and his friends shared the GPS location of Kadir Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) where nuclear warheads are made, Pakistan’s nuclear warheads and missile storage in Punjab province of Pakistan. 

Sahib Khan in August / September 2016 also became emotional and got angered with Americans when they talked against Al-Qaida and Taliban. He said he doesn’t want to listen against Al-Qaida and Taliban. He was dubbed as Al-Qaida sympathetic in ISI by CIA head of the team.

At least one become can be written about the details of months long interaction between ISI, CIA and RAW arranged by USA.

All the discussions and GPRS locations / coordinates are recorded with RAW (India), CIA (America) and ISI Islamabad (Pakistan). The ISI’s unit at Islamabad that is having record of this conversation has a numerical identity. Those who work in that unit / department include Sahib Khan, Zafar Imam and Alijah. They haven’t shared with their top brass DG ISI, Pakistan Army Chief and civilian leadership that such exclusive security matters are disclosed to USA and India, and Pakistani officials themselves provided evidences to USA and India.    

At least over one hundred unbelievable confessions were made by ISI officials with RAW and CIA.

DG ISI allowed ISI team that include above officers in May 2015 to engage with RAW and CIA. I am sure he is not shared whatsoever has been shared with India and USA.

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India, July 26, 2017