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Post Scotland Referendum Freedom Movements

United Kingdom, like its historical contribution in the socio-political development of its previous colonies in Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America, has recently proved to be a leading trend setter by holding historical referendum in Scotland to seek their will for either union or secession.  

An action and thought in exile

Zulfiqar Shah (Sindhi ذوالفقار شاہ Hindiजुल्फिकार शाह) is civil rights activist, journalist and writer of Sindhi origin. He was forced by Pakistan Army to unlawfully leave the country and close down The Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan in May 2012. He resettled in Nepal where UNHCR approved him refugee status. In Kathmandu, he started freelancing with the newspapers and websites on the issues of Pakistan particularly concerning Sindh and Balochistan. He was insurrected in his house in Kathmandu and was given heavy metal poison by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI with local facilitation; however he was rescued by the local doctors. He was forced to leave Nepal, thus he left for Pakistan on December 2013. In Pakistan, he again was persecuted and threatened to be killed. He went India for medical treatment on February 11, 2014, where he was not only denied appropriate health treatment on behalf of Pakistan High Commission in Delhi, but also was harassed by the high commission officials. He, along his wife Fatima Shah, gave a protest sit-in for 285 days near Indian Parliament house against Pakistan High Commission and its facilitation by the Indian authorities. Read more on Wikipedia

Recent Writings

A chronology of persecution in Pakistan, Nepal and India

Notes from the Protest Camp in Delhi, India

An involuntary closed down institute

The Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan (ISM) was involuntary closed through the forced by the Pakistan's military establishment on May 29, 2012. Here is a brief about ISM. Click to read

Relief under water

South Asian countries need to join forces to effectively fight the aftermath of natural hazards. Read in Kathmandu Post

Why does Sindh want freedom?

Majority of Sindhis want freedom of Sindh from Pakistan. I myself am a Sindh freedom believer, although I was a civil and political rights activist and journalist in Pakistan, and now an analyst and writer. Five millions gathered in Karachi on March 23, 2014 to demand international community's intervention for the freedom of Sindh. Read in Merinews

'I realised if we wore a Sindhi cap, we would be killed

It was the summer of 1987. I was in Kalhora colony, Hyderabad at my uncles' place during school vacations. One morning when I got up and went to buy milk from the dairy of Chacha Deenu Soomro Shikarpuri, I found blood on the wooden gate of my uncle's house. There was a printed note on the door fixed with glue – Jeay Muhajir. Read in Merinews

Dynamics of Pakistani Establishment

Pakistan is unpredictable. The two decades long world engagement with Pakistan for the essential reforms in the state-field, society and economy has failed to give results. There is no full stop to the religious extremism as well as its export, anti-democratic moves and extreme centralization of the federal governance. 

Why Britain is responsible to the people of Sindh and Balochistan

Scottish people decide their political future according to their will. No doubt it is political civilization of UK due to which it agreed with the Parliament of Scotland for holding a referendum of the union versus secession. It is an important moment when UK also needs to consider its obligations for the political morality concerning its previous colonies. Read in Daily Afghanistan Times

2014: Candle light tribute to Sorihya Badshah

Undivided India's forgotten freedom war leader Sorihya Badshah and his martyred fellow fighters were paid candle light tribute in Delhi on the occasion of Freedom Martyrs Day in India. The event was organized by the refugee activists Zulfiqar Shah, which was also attended by some other Indian activists. Some activists from India and Sindhi refugees paid homage and tribute to the Pir Pagara Sorihya Badshah yesterday, on 30 January 2014. Soriah Badshah, who was a comrade of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Commander of Hur Force, waged war against British Raj in India during the SecondWorld War. Click to read in Merinews

2013: Sindhi-Hindu refugees protest outside UN in India

On the occasion of World Human Rights Day, Hindu refugees from Sindh staged a protest outside the United Nations’ Information Office at Lodhi Estate here on Tuesday demanding cancellation of Pakistan’s membership from the international body on the grounds that Hindus were being persecuted there. Led by Swami Omji, the protest was against victimisation of Hindus by the State-sponsored actors in Sindh province of Pakistan. The delegation of refugees comprising journalist-cum-activist Zulfiqar Shah met the UN Country Representative and submitted a memorandum of demands addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Click to read in The Hindu

Pakistan policy of USA

America is changing. The impression of ‘changing America’ is widely traveling these days in Southern Pakistan, the culturally Sufi-secular belt of the ancient Indus civilization. Tens of millions Sindhi, Baloch and Siraiki receive this changing America notion auspiciously.  Read article in Daily Afghanistan Times

The global security challenge from Afghanistan to Ukraine

Issues of security and stability in Asia and Europe are interdependent. Given the continual rise of new conflicts from Asia-Pacific to the Atlantic, these issues and conflicts need to be addressed through a fundamentally new approach to security.Issues of security and stability in Asia and Europe are interdependent. Given the continual rise of new conflicts from Asia-Pacific to the Atlantic, these issues and conflicts need to be addressed through a fundamentally new approach to security. Read in Russia Direct

Sixty-Seven Years of Pakistan

Pakistan is now sixty-seven. Its history until now has been a history of the state versus its citizenry, particularly citizenry of non-Punjabi and non-Urdu origin. If a people's history of Pakistan is documented, it would become the voluminous account on the state crimes. Read article on Truthout

The New Neutral

A new ethos is needed to replace old biases, discrimination and non-neutrality in diplomacy. Read in The Kathmandu Post

2009: Sindh Peasants Long March

Sindh Peasants Long March for Land Reforms(February 15 – 26, 2009), was a mass long walk of 350 kilometers by beyond 30000 peasants and rural worker women and men carried for over 12 days formHyderabad to Sindh Assembly building Karachi, Sindh. The march was organized to seek amendments in the Sindh Tenancy Act that was also legislated after thousands of peasants gathering in front of Sindh Assembly building Karachi in 1950 led by late Comrade Hyder Bux jatoi, a stalwart peasants leader of Pakistan. Details on Wikipedia

2011: Movement against religious extremism

HYDERABAD, Nov 14: A large number of civil society and political activists took out a procession here on Monday to condemn the killing of three Hindus in Chak village of Shikarpur district last week. Read more on Daily Dawn

2009: Sindh Peasants Long March

2009: Sindh Peasants Long March

Birds without tree!

Scarlet of the dancing girl is about to set off,
Jesus! Why don’t you wake up in me?

A river that has curve at daunting peaks,
Will submerge one day with heavens at the Sea. 

O love, your venom is a fogy mystery,
That always insurrects the hamlet of the Jogi.

They say, storms always divert doves to the stranger lands;
Forgetting that winds happen to be colorless,
And sky always courteous to birds without tree!

(By Zulfiqar Shah)

Untold: What has happened with us in India since October 2013

Apolitical blog February 2014: Existence of life on the other planets

Blog: Possible reasons behind Bilawal Bhutto’s Kashmir mantra

Protest fasting and observing silence

An encounter with Pakistan Army

April 7, 2012. Left Hyderabad (Sindh) early morning for Rato Dero in Larkana to join funeral of Jeay Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM) Chairperson martyr Bashir Khan Qureshi.

Questions without Answers

I have some serious questions concerning our years long persecution (2007-2015 in Pakistan, Nepal and India) particularly during 2011-2015. I know, none is there to reply these questions, yet asking questions is a matter of high importance:

Drink party in Madersha, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and more

There are so many incidents I encountered during the years long persecution, which in fact has not yet ended.  

Deceptiveness: State, Religion, Sex and hijacking the Brain

Why that happens when states and state associated intelligence
agencies wants to cage the brains, minds and thinking, they stage

Thank-you Indians!

The Indians who supported my out-rightly during my persecution in Delhi!

Unforgettable Nepalis

How some Nepalis saved my life in Kathmandu? 

A twist in persecution: light notes on my life in India

Dirty tricks of persecution – a brief

The nightmare is not over yet. I have been continuously abused in the area I am living in.

Making of an Idiot!

Humans fall apart. Wise cannot exist. Idiots rein everywhere.

What happened? Fatima asked. I told her a story around me. The story was an organized and systematic attempt to make me an idiot. Why they want to make you an Idiot? She cried. One million dollar question, I replied.

Nuclear bomb and my persecutors

There are some questions in my mind. I don’t have answers. I am just in search of them.

Conversations and Controversies

I have undergone miseries. I am in the eye of storm. There are so many things, controversies and disclosures, which yet I have to make public.