Making of an Idiot!

Humans fall apart. Wise cannot exist. Idiots rein everywhere.

What happened? Fatima asked. I told her a story around me. The story was an organized and systematic attempt to make me an idiot. Why they want to make you an Idiot? She cried. One million dollar question, I replied.

As I have updated on the my facebook status that someone told me in Rohni Sector XI, Delhi that unfortunately a component of Indian foreign system headquartered in Rohni was misused against us by Pakistan in Nepal, where we were persecuted and poisoned.

And, the same has been active on the scene, right from the beginning, in resisting my medical treatment as well as resisting any kind of support to me. Therefore I am being proved to be an idiot so that those who have been involved in all this drama could get a face-saving by proving me insane and abnormal.

Right from using chemotherapy to temper my behavior to the psychologically de-tracking methods, everything has been organized.

What is the psychological mode of idiotizing? I am briefly writing today. I will write details in future. I am told that this process is called Gee-Row.

What is Gee-Row?
Gee-Row, as I have assumed, is a dirty process through which systems of various states make an active person an idiot, create limits and damage his / her brain in a way that he or she cannot even think appropriately.

The victim is told that your each figure is your friend. Your hands both left and right, are your supporters of the right-wing and left-wing background. The vegetables that purchased are either man or women around you. Each of these items is named after the nearest one. He / She is asked to walk at one corner of the road; otherwise his / her friends would be missed because with steps, one leaves his / her friends there on the road. “You have to walk twice on the same track for the safety of your nearer” I was threatened a few months ago.   

Whenever one writes or talks hard, he or she is said that your particular finger, thing, note, pen, clothes – almost everything is named after your friend – will face danger. And, what is that danger? A female would be raped and made slave. And a male would be detained. Besides, if someone takes hard stance, a noise is being created. Dogs, with electronic instruments assembled inside them, are left towards you. Besides, the electronically recorded barking tones as well as human screams and shouts are tuned at the time of sleeping in a bid to create fear in that person and damage his / he strength of creativity.

This is also meant for creating an impression to the outer world that the person is abnormal from the behavioral point of view in a bid to tint his / her image.  

This is what I have been facing since long. I tried to avoid this. When everyone -- white, black and colored persons of Delhi -- did that with me, I also deliberately became an idiot for time being.
These days I am not writing because my laptop has been included some gadgets. Whenever I try to write, they close it down remotely. We are being recorded 24/7.

It is no doubt courage of some Indian citizens and groups that they have been of great support in this kind of situation. I really salute them. I have witnessed sympathy of majority Indian officials, although most of the times they keep on refusing and delaying the decisions on my issue, they are not happy on this.

I am not allowed as yet to work in India. I have applied for refugee re-settlement outside this country. I am waiting for that. Those who want to support me are given a deteriorated picture of me.

Who is doing this?
Yes, a component of local Indian system, due to unknown reason, is facilitating Pakistan High Commission in India on third party’s interference. Who is facilitating Pakistan in India? Nobody is ready to utter as yet.  

I will become homeless within a couple of days due to non-existence of financial resources. Indian authorities do not financially support refugees and UNHCR-India is not allowed to support us.
What I can say is – Big powers and nuclear countries’ ego is so small that they want to defeat one person by destroying him.

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India March 13, 2015