Nuclear bomb and my persecutors

There are some questions in my mind. I don’t have answers. I am just in search of them.

When I was in Nepal, some rights activists from USA told me that you are an activist, freelance journalist and person of opinion / writer. Your refugee resettlement is possible. Even those who have remained involved in militancy for example in Sri Lanka and Kurdistan, they have been facilitated refugee resettlement in Europe, America and elsewhere. That conversation was held 2012. Today, in 2015, I am still looking for refugee resettlement. My passport is to expire by May 2015. I am just hoping for good. And, I am sure the good will happen.

Basically, I have two questions in my mind.

(1) Activists, revolutionaries, politicians, writers, journalists, intelligent agents and the militants have been given refugee resettlement in the various parts world. Why our (activists, freelance journalist and persons of the opinion) resettlement is being resisted? Are we dangerous most persons in world? Or because we are Sindhi Muslims?

(2) We are being victimized in India since last two years. We are of the firm opinion that it has been Pakistan that has been undertaking persecution. However, since this persecution is being carried in India, let me say that Indian authorities are apparently persecuting us. If there is someone else, let the Indian authorities make it clear to us that who actually is behind this? And, in that particular case, Indian authorities cannot avoid their responsibility because all that has happened in last two years in India.

There are some gossips and whispered about my persecutors. Some told me at Jantar Mantar that Pakistan has given contract to FBI for our interrogation and Indian authorities are facilitating FBI in our persecution. Some say that it is China that helped Pakistan against us in Nepal and now in India. A few say that at earlier stage Israel had problem with our resettlement in India. And, a few more said that a Karachi based ethnic group facilitated our persecution in India at the behest of Pakistan Army. I don’t know what truth is. I don’t believe in all these theories and assumptions. I am not that much BIG person that these countries may have problem with me.

A few in Indian system informally have told me that two major allegations Pakistan has leveled against you:

(1) “Zulfiqar Shah has a dirty bomb (nuclear mini bomb)”…. I just only laugh at this…..a nice joke in deed.

(2) “Zulfiqar Shah has lived a good much period in Kabul (Afghanistan) and has been hatching conspiracies for the break-up of Pakistan”…. I just can say that visiting Kabul, even once, has been my old dream, which has not materialized as yet. And, break up of Pakistan is the wish of Sindhi nation. No doubt I am a vociferous part of my nation.

An other thing. I have been given sex stimulating drugs in Rohni. I personally have been sexually harassed. Thanks God, I haven’t indulged in casual sex after marriage in Pakistan, Nepal and India.

I’ll soon come up with the details of the human trafficking, prostitution, land mafia and suspicious murders as well as rape stories in Rohni Sector XI. These stories have not and can never be published in Indian media.

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India, February 9, 2015