Facts that shook Pakistan

In 2014 a microchip was inserted in my body by USA (CIA) and India (RAW) through the Ministry of External Affairs of India. Insertion of this chip was requested by Pakistan (ISI). 

This chip reads memory, leaves damaging impacts on human organs if instructed. This microchip is connected with satellite. There is a conversation mechanism in this microchip through which I can listen the conversation by ISI, RAW and CIA officials since 2015 until now. All conversations are audio-visually recorded with CIA, RAW and ISI. I am sharing the briefest facts from the conversations that are on the record with India, Pakistan USA. These facts are confessions, evidences, orders and sharing by ISI Islamabad officials. (The time mentioned bellow is according to Indian Standard Time)

From April 2016 to July 2016:

ISI Islamabad official Sahib Khan, a Sindhi from probably district Larkana or Shikarpur submerged with ISI from Pakistan Army facilitated to India the following evidences:

  1. Daud Ibrahim’s residential and business facility in Karachi
  2. ISI official of Pakistan Army origin hosting Afghan Taliban in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa province and FATA areas of Pakistan
  3. He shared list of 12 Sindhi ISI officials including one Usman Memon with RAW
  4. He shared with RAW some locations and details of military installations in Sindh
  5. Sachal Nizamani from Malhan village of Badin district joined Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, entered India Kashmir and fought war with Indian Army. He returned Pakistan through Nepal. Sachal was taken audio-visually live from ISI Islamabad from whom the confession was taken by Sahib Khan.  
  6. When I shared that Irfan Ali, a Hazara from Quetta was part of Al—Qaida think tank, he was in communication with a Pakistani General and he used code word ‘Peghambar’ for Osama Bin Laden, Sahib Khan resisted that evidence. When I gave evidence that the brother of Irfan Ali that lives in Quetta has been part of Al-Qaida and Taliban financial network, and used to sale archeological material from Sindhi and Balochistan to international black market for collecting finances for Al Qaida and Taliba, Sahib Khan resisted. He seemed to be tilted towards Al-Qaida and Pakistan Taliban. Sahib Khan also help facilitated disclosure of the locations of nuclear assets, military installation in Sindh and storage of strategic missiles in Pakistan.  
  7. Sahib Khan also help disclosing around 70 other exclusive classified secrets of Pakistan state to India and USA.
Here are a few, very selected confessions, orders and other similar happenings by ISI Islamabad officials in front of RAW and CIA that are audio-visually recorded with ISI Islamabad (a technological unit that has numerical identity), RAW and CIA. I have provided that accurate dates, and also time where possible.        

ISI confirmed the smaller number of Sindhi in Pakistan Army, Sindh Rangers and Sindh Regiment. ISI Sindh said Sindhi should be recruited in the armed forces.

Evidence was given based on memory reading that Zulfiqar Shah was asked to not visit Nangar Parkar.

ISI officials confirm that Sindhi people want freedom

Evidence was recorded that Pakistani writer and activist Asim Sajad Akhtar and Lahore based leftist activists Temur Rehman and Irfan has been visiting and facilitating Taliban in Pakistan.

ISI team discusses the Sindh Freedom March by Jeay Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM).

ISI Islamabad team resisted the memory reading evidence in which Genral Pervaiz Musharaf admitted his involvement in the murder of Benazir Bhutto.

14/08/2016 or 15/08/2016 (6:00 Am to 9:00 Am)
ISI Islamabad officer says that ISI official Sahib Khan held a meeting outside ISI headquarters in which murder of Zulfiqar Shah was planned.

ISI official confirms that fake elections were held in Balochistan. ISI official also said that he has killed 4 Sindhi nationalists

Evidence was presented by Zulfiqar Shah through memory reading came about mass grave of Baloch dissenters

6/11/2016 (11:30 AM to 12:05 PM)
Evidence was taken from Zulfiqar Shah that Taliban sold remnants of relics Budha statue from Bamyan, Afghanistan in the international market.

Indirect memory reading evidence was presented by Zulfiqar Shah through memory reading that include Genral Pervez Musharaf’s indirect confession for his involvement in the murder of Benazir Bhutto

6/11/2016 (8:10PM to 8:48 PM)
Pakistani officials confirmed the location of nuclear warheads storage in Pakistan. 

Between 10/11/2016 to 13/11/2016
ISI Islamabad officials shared on GPS technology the location of nuclear war heads, strategic missile storage and KRL (the nuclear warheads manufacturing industry).

21/11/2016 (3:51 PM to 3:58 PM)
Evidence was recorded by USA and India that Pakistan infiltrates Kashmiris and Islamist terrorists from Nepal-India border to India. 

22/11/2016 (1:30 PM to 1:39 PM)
ISI arranged participation of some Sindhi activists in the process who said that Sindh is occupied by Pakistan.

24/11/2016 (11:13 PM to 11:59 PM)
ISI Sindh seniors confirm that Hindu are 8 million in Sindh

25/11/2016 (11:29 PM to 1:00 AM)
ISI Lahore officials confirm their involvement in 9/11 on USA

ISI Islamabad officer confirms that Air Blue 202 airplane that got destroyed in Maragala Hills of Islamabad on 28 July 2010 was hit by Pakistani stinger missile.

13/12/2016 (4 PM to 6 PM)
ISI Islamabad official confess that he has coordinated Al-Qaida team in Pakistan

Details of confessions and orders by ISI officials for genocide and gross human rights violations in Sindh that are recorded with State Department USA and Ministry of External Affairs, India

Description of Evidences


ISI official gave order to assassinate the activists of Jeay Sindh

5:40 PM to 5:50 PM
A statement on genocide in Sindh was given by ISI officials

5:23 PM TO 5:43 PM


11:00 PM TO 11:32 PM
Genocide, Sanghar burning alive of 3 Sindhi activists of Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM).  

2:00 PM TO 2:44 PM
Genocide, Pornography of Fatima Shah

9:20 AM TO 9:30 AM
Evidence through memory reading was recorded on ethnic discrimination against Sindhi in Pakistan Army

5:48 PM TO 5:54 PM
Evidence through memory reading was recorded that a USA citizen association with the Church Word Services expressed his interest for flood relief activism in Sindh. Islamabad officials abstained him by saying that he was associated with Jeay Sindh (Sindhi secessionists) 

6:16 PM TO 6:29 PM
Evidence through memory reading was made that recruitment of flood affected Sindhi by Taliban and Kashmiri Jihadis was made in Sindh

10:25 PM TO 10:30 PM
Rape orders were given against Zulfiqar Shah's sisters by ISI Islamabad official

11:40 PM TO 11:52 PM
Mass scale rape orders against Sindhi women were given by ISI Islamabad official

6:50 PM TO 7:00 PM
ISI's senior official says use of the technology is war game


6:09 PM to 6:11 PM
ISI arranged participation of Balochistan activists who talked on Baloch rights violation

8:10 PM TO 8:18 PM
ISI Punjabi official confessed Punjabi monopoly in Pakistan

1:00 PM TO 1:14 PM
ISI official confess existence of mass graves in Baluchistan


3:37 PM TO 4:03 PM
ISI Islamabad official confessed Genocide undertaken in Sindh

7:04 PM TO 7:06 PM
ISI Islamabad official confessed Genocide undertaken in Sindh

10:04 PM TO 10:05 PM
ISI Islamabad mentions genocide in Sindh

5:00 PM 6:00 PM
Emails shahzuf@yahoo.com was hacked by ISI Islamabad.

2:38 PM TO 2:42 PM
Instruction of Genocide were given in Sindh

2:10 AM TO 2:34 AM
Mass scale rapes of Sindhi women was ordered by ISI Islamabad official

2:20 PM TO 2:27 PM
Mass scale rapes of Sindhi women was ordered by ISI Islamabad official

8:00 PM TO 8:12 PM
ISI Islamabad officials Alijah gave order for massacre in Sindh

8:12 PM TO 8:13 PM
ISI Islamabad officials discussed banning Google Sindhi Translate

11:47 PM TO 11:48 PM
Massacre orders were given by ISI Islamabad senior

11:54 PM
Massacre order follow-up discussion by ISI Sindh officer was made with ISI Islamabad

 Zulfiqar Shah, July 29, 2017, New Delhi, India