Untold: What has happened with us in India since October 2013

It was October 15, 2013 when we started giving protest sit-in outside Press Club of India in New Delhi.

Why? Because in Delhi, due to unknown reasons, Indian authorities facilitated Pakistani authorities our persecution, in camera indirect interrogation through the using chemicals so that we may speak truth to the persons doing lip-service on behalf of Pakistani military establishment. What happened with us in Pakistan, Nepal and India until October 14, 2013 is available in my article on Truthout, USA and on my personal blog. What happened after October 14, 2013 and what is happening at the moment is unknown to many.

Why Pakistan was against us? 
Pakistan’s military establishment was against us because of our human rights activism in Pakistan for Hindu rights and secular values, military’s occupation of land in Sindh and elsewhere, political rights of ethnic-nation Sindhi and to some extent of Baloch, and due to my sympathies and close coordination with the most of political parties of Sindh, especially Sindhi nationalists including those who wanted to see Sindh a free sovereign country. Although I was not a member of any political party after 1998 however my heart was and is yearning for Sindh rights. This is where the military establishment tried to manipulate my political rights activism with the political activism. No doubt, the rights activist fraternity knows that there is a thin margin that separates political rights activism from political activism. I was poisoned in Nepal because of my writings. I, along with my wife Fatima, was kept in the in-camera 24/7 monitoring by Pakistani establishment since second half of 2009 from the house in Doctors’ Colony in the Lahore city. In fact, we were transferred to Lahore by South Asia Partnership – Pakistan (SAP-Pakistan). The worst that was unliked by Pakistani establishment was my stance against the attempts to use land of Sindh for terrorism export outside Pakistan. 

What happened at Jantar Mantar and later on? 

While protesting at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi (near Indian Parliament) we faced acts of humiliation and harassment conducted by the locals surveillance officials definitely on the insistence of outsiders (non-Indians). A larger amount of financial assistance given to us by human rights activist support organization from Ireland and personal friends from USA and Canada was stolen while we were sleeping on the pavement of Jantar Mantar.

Letters from Indian authorities and Embassies in Delhi to us either were stolen or were not delivered to us. Some of the foreigners who visited us were misguided. Even a couple of embassies were told not to facilitate us with the refugee resettlement as Indian authorities were to settle us in India; however Indian authorities have not yet issued a Long Term Visa (LTV) after which we would be able to earn living on this land of Indians. 

For nearly one month, our documents of petition in the Supreme Court of India were being stolen from our begs at Jantar Manta so as we may become unable to peruse the case. One night my lap top was damaged, other night my memory card was cracked, another night my shirt was taken-off. The worst part of the things was when Fatima was tried to be harassed. 

The place we are living in these days has proved to be more hazardous. My laptop was has thrice been damaged here. Its Hard Disk was taken away and replaced with other. Recently RAM of my laptop has also been broken. Around more than 1300 numbers from my mobile phone were managed to be deleted. May Black Berry was once damaged. Although it works these days, its screen is being monitored. Numerous actions have been taken to humiliate and discourage us. We are use to given threats. The room we are living in is said to be video recorded and many a indication from Pakistani newspapers tell that whatever we talk and discuss is being shared with Pakistan. They want us to talk about the persons associated with Sindhi and Baloch rights movements. Since we don’t know much about them, how we can tell our persecutor about them?

Methods of persecution 

We are given various chemical that are unknown to us. These chemicals force us to talk, to talk about our past and present. Some time we are given chemicals to show anger, to misbehave or to show wrath. And, our behaviors as well as talks are being used in manipulations in favor of those who persecuted us in Pakistan and poisoned us in Nepal. And, to save those who tried to disturb our medical treatment in India.

Besides, Pakistani establishment is trying to get benefit out of it especially they want to understand Sindh in depth so that they may design a future strategy for copping the rights movement of Sindh and Balochistan because they want to exploit their resources. In fact, Republic of Sindh-Balochistan is becoming more possible every day. 

Apart from the three South Asian countries, one western country is also involved that has also vested interests in Pakistan. I am avoiding mentioning its name partly to give it a benefit of doubt and partly because they have done it indirectly. The hands that are directly used against us are South Asian and most of them are Punjabis and Urdu speaking military establishment from Pakistan and their allies outside including of Indian origin. They not only want to loot Sindh, they also want to tint our image. They also want to distance our friends from us. 

They damaged our laptop only because they wanted us to talk about the facts, about the intellectual dispositions of the things. They use to note down it. They don’t want me to write. They don’t want to disclose the truth. They are trying to find a cheap labor in us. These un-intelligent agencies want a use of us without any cost. They don’t want us to write about Sindh. They just want us to talk! 

The victim most of this has become my wife Fatima. She is unwell. What they cannot do is just to go beyond certain limits.

Our visa and refugee resettlement 

Artificial hindrances are being created in our visa process and refugee resettlement process. They don’t want us to settle anywhere in the world including in India. They want to keep us in hanging positions so that they may exploit us for their vested interests. A larger part of system here is involved in that.

The great Indian citizens 

Many Indian citizens have supported us. They have tried to be with us against our persecution. For that reason alone, they themselves were either resisted or probably were kept in persecution and surveillance. Majority of our friends are asked to keep away from us. Even after that, there are some who stand by our side. 

Who is getting benefit from our persecution? 
Primarily Pakistan’s Punjabi-cum-Urdu military establishment is getting benefit out of it. Their friendly ‘double-triple-system’ in India is also getting benefits. At least one western country is also being benefited.

One thing I am sure, they cannot damage the social movements in Sindh and Balochistan. Yes, they have damaged us; however not beyond the certain limits.

Besides, I do not rule out the involvement of a Karachi based racist outfit. I do not mention its name because I don't have much information as yet about its involvement. 

Our graves 

An Indian friend told me in April 2013 that a non-South Asian country’s intelligence agency on behalf of Pakistan has asked concerned Indian system that even if we survive, we should be buried. We should be put into isolation. And, a character as torch bearer of rights and truth in Pakistan particularly concerning Sindh and Balochistan may be ended. We are alive and are buried in a one-room grave.

Why I am writing this? 

I just want to share the truth. This is just to share with those who are activists, analysts and journalists. Just to share with them our experience so that they may become cautious about their future.

One thing I am sure that this is being done with us only because we are Sindhi. Just think that human rights activists, a writers and journalist are being victimized but the very same world has given the refuge and asylum to the criminals, terrorists, freedom mongers and the militants in UK, Switzerland, India, USA and rest of the world.

Just think, an Osama Bin Laden can be sheltered by Pakistan, but an activist and writer is being damaged by the Pakistan and rest of their allies! 

I just repeat the words of Havel, an ex-president of Poland, “may truth prevail!” 

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India, November 4, 2014