Apolitical blog February 2014: Existence of life on the other planets

The astronomers of the world with the support of space technology are trying to find the traces and possibility of life today on the other planets of the solar system. The research is speedily underway in USA, Russia, India, EU, and China. In bid to further the astronomical research through space voyaging, India has propelled the Mangalyan space researcher out of the Earth orbit to carry the investigations on the Mars. 

Being a naïve student of philosophy, I want to share my generalized thinking on that, although I am not a student of natural sciences, especially of astronomy in Physics; however being a student of philosophy (that is mother of all sciences), I am trying to see the things in that perspective. 

Our Sun, one of the numerous in our galaxy and the cosmos, is gradually going to die down through in upcoming 5 billion of years. The death of the Sun would not be sudden and accidental; therefore, it will not be an ‘annihilation’ of Sun in anyway. It would be process of the gradual cooling-down, which we may term as a gradual death. In addition, if it is a gradual death, than one can logically assume that this death of our Sun is underway since billions of years. It is therefore necessary to see the process of death of Sun in relative terms with the lenses of the theory of relativity. 

The process of death of the Sun, like in many other solar systems in the universe, is important to been analyzed. It is therefore very simple to understand that the possibility of existence of life in our Time (today) in the planets of our solar system can be seen through an entirely different way. 

Making Earth as a central-point of astronomically generalized analysis, the two sets of planet become phenomenal: the set of the planets nearer to the Sun including Pluto and Venus and the planets far from the Sun including Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and others. If seen through the prism of the Einstein’s Theory of Relatively, as well as other existing astronomical research work by the astronomers, entirely different propositions may emerge. NASA and other space research institutes entirely different entities can also see in this direction. Existence of ‘Life’ opposite to the Sun from the Earth in our solar system is philosophically and scientifically impossible, if the existence of life is scientifically conditioned with the existence of appropriate temperature / sun light on the surface and around the orbit of the planets. 

It means that the absence of sunlight or its existence bellow the required quantity as well as time duration, will turn even the historical water bodies into the permanent billion / trillion years old ice-matter, and hence, inappropriate for the survival of the life in both simple and complex biological structures like Amoebas and Mammoths. 

It is quite possible that after the death of our Earth due to gradually dying Sun or misbalance in the proportionate Sunlight, the similar process will occur in and around the Pluto and Venus -- the two nearest planets to the Sun -- in orderly manner that life may again start taking accent from there over the course of billions of years.

None, scientifically, and hence philosophically, can rule out the possibility of life in our contemporary times on the other solar systems in our galaxy or the other galaxies in the cosmos. 

It will therefore, philosophically, impossible to find a co-existing life in our solar system today in our own contemporary time; however, one can inevitably find the traces of life that existed billions of years ago in our solar system that fall in the solar system beyond the Earth like Mars and Jupiter. 

A scientific and astrological thinking is also required to see in this direction.

(Blog by: Zulfiqar Shah )