A chronology of persecution in Pakistan, Nepal and India

Notes from the Protest Camp in Delhi, India

I am a human rights activist, journalist and writer refugee and stateless person. UNHCR recognized me a refugee through its Kathmandu, Nepal office on December 18, 2012 (by the spirit of the refugee norms it includes my wife Ghulam Fatima Shah as well) vide letter containing file No. 706-12C00046, stating that the UNHCR recognize me as a refugee under “its mandate” (not through the mandate of Government of Nepal, which has restricted the refuge and asylum only to the Tibetans and Bhutanese refugees / asylum seekers since August 2012). It is therefore a valid refugee document around the globe until a refugee resettlement is finally processed out in any willing country around the globe excepting Nepal. 

I, along my wife, am in India since February 11, 2013, entered Delhi, India via IGI airport on valid medical visa through airways from Karachi, Sindh Pakistan for the purpose of medical treatment. The heavy metal toxins / poison were given to me by the Pakistani intelligence agencies Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) through the local Nepalis’ facilitation in Kathmandu during the month of December 2012. 

In India, Pakistan High Commission (PHC) has not only interfered in my medical treatment and succeeded to hinder my detoxification process for at least (5) five months; but also the PHC officials have harassed and chased me / us in the city. 

I, along with my wife, have written to all concerned authorities, including honourable President and the Prime Minister of India, the Ministries and Departments of Home Affairs and External Affairs National Human Rights Commission and other concerned bodies regarding our issue. 

I have not received response / communication from the above mentioned authorities and hence am at the conclusion that none of the concerned authority, to best of my knowledge, has taken notice of the issues except that of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) India, which issued directions to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs, India, but nothing has been done so far as my information is concerned. 

I, along with my wife, are giving a protest sit-in since October 14, 2013 earlier outside the Press Club of India for at least a month and later on at Jantar Mantar, which still continues. The protest is against rights violation and harassment of us by the PHC in India. Since even after nearly five months long protest against Pakistan High Commission, our correspondence with almost all concerned authorities and political leadership in India, absence of any written or verbal communication by the Indian authorities and political leadership has left us with no other option than to think about the possibility of facilitation of PHC in Delhi by the Indian authorities. It is therefore, we don’t rule out the strong possibility of the facilitation of PHC officials in our persecution and harassment in Delhi by certain Indian authorities (through any form out of overtly, covertly and / or through diplomatic channels and / or possibly through the pressure of any mutual third party country.) 

We earlier submitted an application on January 20, 2014 with the honourable apex court addressing to the lordship of the Chief Justice of India; however we haven’t head back in that regard until these lines are being written. Resultantly, I have filed a petition in front of the Supreme Court of India, which in the process of scrutiny. I am filling the petition in front of your lordship to seek justice and security of life, honour and the livelihood in India. 

I want to put this on my website’s as well as friends record that if myself and my wife receive any physical, mental or other forms of damages in these circumstances; the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan as well as heads of the ISI and MI should be considered main culprits; the establishment of Nepal should be considered collaborator and the Government of India should be considered facilitator. ( Click to read brief about the persecution we faced in Pakistan

Here is the chronological detail of the happenings: 

3000 days of life and death: A Chronology of Persecution 
Updated by Zulfiqar Shah


2005 – 2012 Persecuted and ousted from Pakistan: I was persecuted for seven years by Pakistan Army, Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) due my activism around rights of landless peasants mostly snubbed by the aristocrat senior military commissioned officer; activism against the victimization of Hindu and Christian minorities, and against the enforced disappearance of political activist by the military and its associated intelligence agencies. Ousted from Pakistan in May 2012, thereafter came Nepal, sought and received refugee status by UNHCR.

April – May 2012: Threatened through emissaries that included civil society leaders from Lahore Punjab, Covert Intelligence Officers from Rawalpindi, and local ISI and MI officers from Hyderabad. These persons, whose names can be passed on if inevitably required, played role of emissaries through some friends on behalf of Pakistan Army, Inter-Service-Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) that I should immediately quit human rights activism, especially the ones around religious minority rights of Hindus and Christians; political rights of activists from Sindh and Balochistan; and rights of landless peasantry whose rights usually are usurped by the military brass.

During mid-May 2012, I was asked one night on the dinner by an military associated covert person that either I should follow their instructions, or close down the rights based organization The

Institute for Social Movements, Pakistan (ISM) and leave the country. Finally, I left involuntarily Pakistan along with my wife on May 29, 2012 after shutting down the ISM. 

March 2012: A political activist Muzaffar Bhutto was forcedly disappeared from Sindh by the security agencies in 2011. He was also abducted by them in 2007 and was released in 2009. Sindh Monitor, a USA based Sindh rights forum, asked me to facilitate them Victim of an Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance (VEID) application. They also needed my help especially facilitating them the contacts of Muzaffar Bhutto’s lawyers and family members. They also sought my opinion on the matter. This was followed by another request from them in March 2012, asking to facilitate them with the technical support in Visa application documentation etc to the Muzaffar Bhutto’s wife for her appearance in the Geneva regarding their petition. Such a conversation was held through telephone between a Sindh Monitor representative from USA and me.

Within a couple of days after that telephone talk, a person from ISI visited my office asking me to not to support Bhutto’s family or be ready for facing the consequences, which I refused and I conveyed the message to the family. Unfortunately, Muzaffar Bhutto’s dead body was found dead on a roadside during late May 2012. News Reference:http://tribune.com.pk/story/382707/jsmms-muzaffar-bhutto-found-dead-after-going-missing-for-over-a-year/

November 2011: On November 11, 2011, three (3) Hindu citizens were killed in Shikarpur district of Sindh province by the religious extremists. The Institute for Social Movements Pakistan took initiative against the atrocity and gave a call for public protests by networking with the broader civil society of Sindh. More than five thousand people took to the streets in Hyderabad city, and a similar activism was trended in the rest of the towns and cities of the province. Consequently, some journalists again told me from Hyderabad Press Club (HPC) in December 2011 that my life was in danger and I better should leave the country citing their sources in the intelligence agencies.

Video clip of the rally we organized against murder of Hindus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1Xe_S6B_wo

May 2011: In April 2011, three political leaders of Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM) from Sindh province were burned alive. I was asked by Human Rights Commission Pakistan (HRCP) – Sindh Chapter to join as well as lead the fact-finding mission on the issue.

We actively worked out the assignment and before the declaration of the report; I received at least four calls from an anonymous number, but attended only one, which threatened me of consequences if report was including the names of intelligence agencies. When I submitted the report with Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), it was made public by them. Immediately after, an unfamiliar person visited my home asking for either quit rights based activism and turning the Institute for Social Movements Pakistan (ISM) into social services delivering organization. I was suggested better moving out of Pakistan in case I am not following their suggestion. 

News Clip of the incident:

News of the fact-finding report:

October, 10 2009, 12 PM: In September 2009, a peasants’ rights activist Advocate Amarchand from Mirpurkhas district of Sindh, belonging to the Hindu minority, was kidnapped by Thakur Nazir Qaimkhani, one of the largest land holding feudal lords of Sindh, Pakistan. Nazir Qaimkhani was an uncle of then in-service Lt. General of Pakistan Army. He was also an uncle to the then Brigadier Rafiq Qaimkhani, who was commanding officer in Hyderabad Cantonment. Besides, he was a close relative of General (rtd) Yousuf Qaimkhani.

We launched a campaign against Amarchand’s abduction. Consequently, a senior military official held a meeting with me and asked me to stop the campaign against Thakur Nazir Qaimkhani or face the consequences. Luckily, Advocate Amarchand was freed. News reference to the campaign: http://archives.dawn.com/archives/79003

2008: We announced Sindh Rajasthan Conference in Hyderabad during 2008. I was threatened by the security official from ISI to not to hold the conference or face the consequences. He came to visit my office. Unfortunately, the proposed event was canceled due to Bombay Blasts carnage.

2007: (June or July, working day 2 pm at SAP –PK Sindh Office): Because of the activism, I was for the first time ever in my life was threatened through a messenger of a security official, when I along with the civil society and political parties of Sindh were campaigning against forced disappearances of political and human rights activist in Sindh and Balochistan. News Reference of the activity: http://archives.dawn.com/2006/08/10/local23.htm


Virtually instructed & poisoned ue to Opinion as Freelance Journalist and human rights communication as well as involuntarily forced back to Pakistan.

31/05/ to 23/11/ 2012: After entering in Nepal on valid documents, I wrote to UNHCR, Nepal for asylum on June 18, 2012 and other human rights bodies regarding the issue. In Nepal, I keep on freelance journalism by writing with the Nepalese and Afghani newspapers and Indian websites. I applied for asylum with UNHCR on October 30, 2012. Besides, I kept on my freelance journalism by writing on the above-mentioned issues in the context of Pakistan in the dailies and websites in the various countries of the world. Moreover, I wrote to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Kimoon on November 8, 2012 regarding ethno-religious cleansing in Sindh. I also submitted my comments on human rights in Pakistan for the United Nations Periodical Review of Human Rights in the Human Rights Review Council through email on November 23, 2012. 

23/1/ to 24/12/ 2012: Although I was frequently chased and kept under observation Pakistan Embassy in Nepal and their intelligence network in Kathmandu, but the month of December 2012 was disastrous. By mid-November 2012, I left a rented house at Jawlakhel area of Lalitpur, Kathmandu and moved to a relatively cheaper area of Satobado in Lalitpur, where our house was virtually under insurrection from December 1, 2014 onwards until December 18, 2012 in Satabado area of Lalitpur district in Kathmandu, Nepal. We rented a second floor of a bungalow there; however we never knew that the first floor was rented later on to the persons associated with the Pakistani intelligence outfits, and the ground floor to their Nepali facilitators. On December 16, the door of our house was locked from outside, which we successfully managed to unlock by creating hue and cry through mobile phone to the ground floor residents by saying them that if the door was not unlocked, I will cry from the windows of the house and call to the media in Nepal. Finally, the ground floor residents opened the door; hence we successfully fled the house, and stayed a night in the hotel of Thamel district of the Kathmandu. The next day (December 17) we returned back in the day light to same home for the collection of our baggage and other documents. I felt unwell that evening and asked the owner of our previous rented house, Dr. Rana who was also a Colonel Doctor in the Nepali Army for the help. He visited our house, took me to the local hospital and left me back to the house. I told him about the happening; however he insisted us to stay back in the same old house. It was feared that we were being given the slow poison in that house. In the meanwhile, I also sent SOS emails to the UNHCR, Nepali and international human rights organization for the support the night between 17 and 18. 

OHRC, UN Geneva asked me if I wanted to turn it into a petition on December 17, 2012. The petition was aimed for an international body’s action against Pakistani non-civil institutions concerning their crimes against humanity in the Sindh province, where Hindus, Sindhi and Baloch political activists and indigenous population are particularly being victimized and harassed, and their gradual and tactical ethnic cleansing was and is underway.

In the meanwhile, UNHCR recognized me refugee on December 18, 2012.

During my travel from the house to the UNHCR office in Nepal, I was chased-up all the way and was threatened by the chasing motor-bickers. Finally, I sought help of Himal Southasian Media House situated in Patan Dhoka in Lalitpur district of Kathmandu, Nepal, who finally gave me a vehicle for dropping out me at the UNHCR office in Kathmandu.

I shared all about the happenings of December 2012 with a Protection Official of non-Nepali origin at UNHCR – Nepal. Hence, by the evening of December 18, 2013 we safely shifted back to our old rented house in Jawalkhel area of Lalitpur district, Kathmandu, Nepal, which belonged to a Nepali military official. In that house, we also had lived earlier from June to mid November 2012. The house-owner and lady invited us (myself and my wife) on the dinner on the night falling between December 18-19, 2012, which I attended along with my wife. On December 19, I felt extremely ill and rushed to the hospitals and other health facilities.

On December 19, 2012 I came to know in Kathmandu based Bir Hospital and Himal Hospital that I am given heavy metal toxins. Although I do not rule out the possibility of milder level poisoning of my wife as well; however I am avoiding to mention this here since I don’t have any medical evidence to establish that because we could not opt for the toxin screening of hers as well due to unavailability of the financial resources, and partly because her health was relatively better than me. The concerned doctors in the above-mentioned hospitals told me that I have been given heavy metal toxins / poison. 

I was admitted in the Himal Hospital, Kathmandu in Emergency Ward for around 12 to 14 hours and was given preventive drugs. I almost lost my decision-making powers and memory. Later on, I attempted to undergo the further treatment but unfortunately due to refusal for treatment by the hospitals in Kathmandu, I kept on suffering. Besides, I was also taken to the nearby Alka Hospital at Ekantkuna road in Jawlakhel area by the house-workers of the house-owner for the treatment (I do not remember the exact date; however that may be between December 20 - 22, 2012) where I was given a couple of pills, which despite healing me resulted into further health worries. After giving me the pills, the hospital doctor asked me to vacate the patient bed and leave for the home. In such a situation, my family managed my travel back to Pakistan, and I was taken back to the country on December 24, 2012.

Interfered in medical treatment and threatened to be killed again in Pakistan:

24/12/12 – 11/02/13: After going back to Pakistan, I tried undergo my medical treatment during December 26, 2012 to January 25, 2013. In the meanwhile, I was tactically manoeuvred to travel back to Pakistan, where I replied them positively on December 31, 2012, when I was tactically and circumstantially was managed to return back to Pakistan. During this period, Pakistani intelligence medical treatment through pressurizing the doctors, and interfering in the Agha Khan Hospital laboratories situated in Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan. At least four times, the officials of the above mentioned intelligence agencies visited my house and more than a dozen times, their massage carriers. In the first visit I was told that I am not allowed to travel outside Pakistan and was asked by them that would stay safe only if I tell my friends that had the food poisoning. I did so. Thereafter, in the next visit they told me that since I have shared with the friends that I had food poisoning in Nepal; now none will trust me, hence now I should work on their instructions. Declining this, as I was told, would lead me to the death.

In such a situation, I sent emails during January 20 – February 9, 2013 to the to the UNHCR Nepal, human rights bodies including Amnesty International, Netherlands; Global Human Rights Defenders Fund, USA, and Frontline Defenders, Ireland, Daily The Kathmandu Post for which I used to write as a columnist, Himal Southasian, Nepal and Pakistani civil society, as well as some embassies there that I was compelled and circumstantially taken to Pakistan without my conscious will and was being threatened again. That, the circumstances that left us with no other option than to leave Nepal for travelling back to the Pakistan was itself a violation of the international laws including conventions and covenants especially concerning refugees and stateless persons, some UN General Assembly resolutions as well as Universal Declaration of the Human Rights through which UNHCR functions and is boarding India in its Executive Committee (ExCom). I held a press conference over there by January 24, 2013 and shared the details with the media and broader civil society about the whole situation. On the pressure mounted by the above mentioned civil society and media groups, I, along with my wife, were told that we could now travel outside Pakistan for the medical treatment. I sought appointment with an Indian hospital Moolchand through email and applied for medical visa with the High Commission of India in Islamabad, Pakistan. By the first week of February, 2013 I received the medical visa, and came to New Delhi, India on February 11, 2013.


Pakistan High Commission in Delhi interfered in medical treatment and harassed in Delhi

11/02/2013: Unfortunately, in India I were not suggested appropriate diagnostic tests for the heavy metal toxin screening at the Moolchand Hospital despite my request since I shared the medical history and the happenings. Therefore, decided to move to the AIMS Hospital, Delhi, India for the medical treatment.

12-19/02/ 2013: In the meantime, I underwent medical blood sample tests at the Dr. Lal Path Lab. Once reports came, I visited Dr. Vinay Goel on 19/02/2013 at the Institute of Neurology, AIMS Hospital, Delhi on the suggestion of an OPD doctor at AIMS after paying there an informal brief visit (since the time of taking appointment was over and I was unaware of the procedure being an outsider).

After prescribing some pills, Dr. Goel refused me suggesting advanced diagnosis of the poisons / heavy metal toxins. It is a medical fact (as I was told by one doctor) that after certain time period, the traces of poisoning cannot be generally found in the blood samples, and can only be found through advanced tests of tissues. Dr. Goel asked me to visit him back after a couple of months. In the meanwhile, I felt that symptoms are not withering away. When I googled, I found that Dr. Goel has suggested me the anti-depression pills and multi vitamins. I visited Dr. Vinay Goel on the date of appointment, he despite suggesting the advanced diagnostic tests, discharged me from the hospital, and even written on my medical card for going back “to Pakistan”; however on my reiteration that I am already a UNHCR Refugee (which I told him in detail during the first visit) he including a word “elsewhere” after the word “Pakistan”.

25/04/2013: During this, I applied for asylum / refugee resettlement along with many a documents and evidences with the Joint Secretary (Foreigners) at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Delhi.

04/03 to 13/10/2013: After refusal of medical treatment at AIMS, the hostel management, which was also running the facility of economic medical test in collaboration with some local hospitals, suggested us for another hospital Indian Spinal Injuries, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Dr. A. K. Sahani at the Neurology section of the Indian Spinal Injuries hospital in Vasant Kunj, Delhi suggested me the toxin screening of my hair samples. I sought suggestion from the hostel management for the appropriate laboratory in city for undergoing the suggested diagnostic tests, unfortunately the hostel management told an untrue that hair or nail screening was not being carried in India, which after quite some time proved to be untrue.

In the absence of information regarding the tests, I search the laboratories around the world through internet and contacted one Great Plane Lab, USA for the tests suggested by the doctor.

14 – 28/05/2013: Besides, my emails accounts and Facebook were continuously being hacked, while staying in the hostel, which I told the human rights / IT rights organizations outside India through email on May 14, May 20, May 28, 2013

06-07/06/2012: Finally, after making payment in advance through one of my personal friend settled in Canada to the aforementioned laboratory, the lab sent me a hair sample collection kit for the heavy metal toxin screening on July 6, 2012. I sent my hair samples to a United States of America (USA) laboratory on July 7, 2012. I received the report after nearly one month. The report mentioned the existence of more than five heavy metal toxin elements much beyond the limits of normality (in my bones and tissues). Surprisingly, one radioactive element thorium was also found.

04/07/2013: When I took the report to the Dr. A. K. Sahani in Indian Spinal Injuries, Vasant Kunj, he suggested a detoxification therapy (Depencilimine therapy), albeit denied to undertake therapy under his supervision. He referred me back to AIMS although he already knew that I was refused further medical treatment at AIMS. When I asked for the reasons, he verbally told me that Pakistan High Commission people have visited him as well as phoned the management more than once, therefore he was declining to undertake therapy to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Immediately I submitted the copy of the report with the concerned section of the Ministry of Home Affairs 

06/07/2013: Finally, I visited the Apollo Hospital, where the detoxification process was suggested under his supervision by the consultant neurological Dr. Anup Kohli. My medical treatment until the filing this petition is being carried by him, however the detoxification was done after immediate visit.

This struggle for my detoxification medical treatment and the interference in that by Pakistan High Commission shoved me in the doldrums for at least five months, and hence my health rights were violated at the behest of the Pakistani High Commission by the Indian doctors at the AIMS and Indian Spinal Injuries. It was not mere an ordinary interference, it was also an attempt to keep me away from the life saving treatment so that I may die very slowly (most probably through vital organ failure), and keep on losing my senses and temper, creating even some behavioural changes. It is important to note here that the toxin screening report’s summary pages indicates that the existence of an overall ninety-six (95) percent toxicity was fatal according to the health standards, whilst the availability of toxins in my body (especially bones and tissues) was around ninety-two (92) percent. 

After giving visit to the hospital, I submitted the poison screening report along with the related medical documents with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on July 5, 2013 as additional documents regarding my asylum application. Besides, I also wrote a letter to Joint Secretary (Foreigners), MHA on July 9 for issuing stay permission until my asylum / refugee resettlement application is not decided upon.

26/07/2013: Unknown to the reality that the management of the paying guest hostel in Munirak (Ria Residency, K 92, near Pratab Market, Munirka, New Delhi) where we rented a room, was also troublesome. I would like to mention the fact that hostel management kept on supplying us contaminated drinking water (which I still believe was including toxins intentionally; however I cannot prove this by the virtue of any material evidence) that further deteriorated our health. Moreover, the hostel management kept on perusing us for returning back to Pakistan; despite the fact that we while booking the room told them that we were refugees. In this situation, I wrote an email to some human rights activists outside India and also emailed to an Indian citizen with whom I had acquaintance on September 5, and September 11, 2012. Besides, I also personally briefed about the situation to an Indian civil society activist, Ms. Rakhi Saigol, and requested her to arrange a rented room somewhere in Delhi for which I would pay the rent; however I told her that it should be ensured that we (my wife and myself) would not be treated in the manner I am being treated in that particular hostel. In the meanwhile, my facebook account was also hacked for which I email to an IT rights organization as well. I also emailed about the situation to an Indian citizen. In the meanwhile, I also came into contact with the Amnesty International (AI), India and Committee (CPJ) for the protection of Journalists, USA on July 26, 2013.

04/10/2013: Since there was no response from the Indian authorities, I wrote to some Embassies in India for the refugee resettlement in their countries, out of which some replied positively, hence I applied with a country out of these on October 4, 2013. I also wrote an article on this situation as well, which published in Truthout, USA. 

10/09/2013: Besides, during August and September 2013, I was chased up and harassed by the Pakistan High Commission officials at various places of Delhi. On September 10, 2013, I was dinning with an Indian activist in a restaurant at Nizamuddin, where one of the Pakistani High Commission officials came and sat besides our chair on our dining table, despite the fact that although many other tables were vacant where he could have sit if this was a mere accident. Besides, they have also been chasing us near Asaf Ali Road (Pak Section of Delhi Police Bhawan) whenever we went there for the visa extension. Apart from these troubles, I am not allowed in India to open up a bank account in the city. 

14 - 25/10/2013: Finally I along with my wife started staging peaceful sit-in in front of Press Club of India from October 14 to November 17, 2013 and started staying at Jantar Mantar on the pavement. During this, I also kept correspondence with the all concerned departments. I also sent an email to UN Office of the Human Rights Commission (OHRC) on October 25, 2013. 

05-06/11/2013: I also submitted a hand written complaint with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on November 5 and emailed the same on November 6, 2013. The same, along with all necessary documents, was couriered to NHRC on November 6, 2013.

On November 5, 2013 Pak Section of MHA at Delhi Police Bhawan asked me to submit a statement as well as an application for Long Term Visa (LTV).

23/11/2013: On November 23, 2013 NHRC India through letters dated 23/11/2013 in the case no. 6573/30/0/2013/OC sent directives to the Secretary MHA and Secretary MEA for resolving the issue within eight (8) weeks and the complainant should be informed about it. 

While, protesting in Delhi, we also submitted Memoranda of Demands to the office of the honourable President as well as Prime Minister of India on November 26, 2013. 

10/12/2013: On December 10, I attended the protest demonstration of Sindhi-Hindu refugees from India and submitted a Memorandum of Demands with the United Nations Country Office in Delhi. The Memorandum was jointly signed by me along with some Indian Hindus as well as refugee rights organizations.

18/12/2013: I sought the information from Joint Secretary Foreigners MHA through using RTI on December 18, 2014 asking him about the status of my refugee application with the MHA. Besides, I asked his kindness that if a refugee has no guarantor in India, what he would be doing. Besides, I also inquired him about my Long Term Visa (LTV).

26/12/2013: I wrote to some Embassies in Delhi for refugee resettlement in their country.

10/01/2014: Canadian High Commission in India wrote me about the process of refugee resettlement in Canada. 

20/01/2014: Finding no result from my initiatives, I finally wrote an application to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India on January 20, 2014, seeking his lordship’s intervention for justice with me.

27/01/2014: Since my passport is expiring by early 2015, and therefore would be ineligible to travel / resettle into most of the countries around the world by September 2014. Therefore, I wrote about the issue to the UNHCR India and UN Country Office, India on January 27, 2014. 

28/01/2014: None from the concerned authorities contacted me back as yet; even there was no news on the directions by NHRC, therefore I filed a complaint on January 28, 2014 again with the NHRC against the failure of the concerned authorities in resolving the matters within the time frame. A copy of which was also sent to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India. 

12-13 & 27/02/2014: On February 12, 2014 I visited Pak Section of MHA at Delhi Police Bhawan for submitting the affidavit by an Indian citizen as well as other related documents for which I was asked earlier. The personnel refuses to receive the documents, therefore I sent a letter to the Joint Secretary (Foreigners) at MHA about the issue and submitted the true copies of the documents along with the letter. I also sent copies of the letter to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India as well as to the Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission.

17/02/2014: Since I received no reply from the Joint Secretary (Foreigners) at MHA on my RTI quest, I sent an appeal to The First Applet for RTI at the Supreme Court of India.

18/02/2014: Filed Civil Writ Petition in the Supreme Court of India

16/04/2014: National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC) gave directions to Ministry of Home Affairs asking the concerned authority to take decision within one month and an actions taken report be sent back to the NHRC.

21/04/2014: Three judges bench of the Supreme Court of India (SCI) led by honourable Chief Justice of India head me; however showed no interest in continuing the case which were seeking prayers among the others for lodging an FIR against Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi. 

(These are the notes from my electronic diary and the memory -- ZS)