Conversations and Controversies

I have undergone miseries. I am in the eye of storm. There are so many things, controversies and disclosures, which yet I have to make public.


2011 -- Office of the SEWAFCO, in Hyderabad, Sindh. Conversation between Mohammad Waseem of Interactive Resource Centre (IRC), Lahore:   

MW:  Military needs your support!
Me: Strange!
MW. Army wants your support in seeking information regarding freedom movement in Sindh and Balochistan.
Me: I don’t know anything about it. Even if I would have been knowing, I would never had informed you.
M.W: If you cooperate and help us, you will become millionaire.
Me. Sorry!
MW: In that case, it will take us one year to destroy you forever.
Me. Fine!
M. W. And Sindh also would be divided.
Me. Military cannot do what is impossible………!

2012 -- Qaiser  (Program Officer, OXFAM – GB, Pakistan)

Q: Our project with The Institute for Social Movement (ISM) is ok; however there are some constrains.
Me. What kind of constrains?
Q: They (army) want ISM should not be given the project. So why don’t you join the Military Intelligence (MI). We would offer you the post of Captain. But, you have to work with the prostitutes, the young prostitutes!  
Me. You are guest in Hyderabad. Otherwise, I would have replied you very well.

2014: Mumtaz Shar (Finance Manager, OXFAM GB, Pakistan):

MS: What is your opinion about Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM) and Sindh Liberation Army (SLA)?
Me: JSMM is a Sindh freedom political party, and so for I have been hearing and reading about SLA, it does random militancy. I like this organization in comparison with the other militant freedom movements in Asia because there is no human causality reported by the newspapers for this outfit as yet. I consider this a peaceful freedom movement.

2012: Neva Khan (Country Director, OXFAM GB, Pakistan), Islamabad

NK: How the militancy for the freedom of Sindh is going on?
Me: You guys know the best. Pakistani military establishment should thank God. Had I been part of militancy in Sindh, there would have been a real hell for them.
Sikandar Brohi: He is outspoken, Madam. You need not to think otherwise.

Naureen Irfan (Deputy Director, OXFAM GB, Pakistan)

NI: Sorry Zulfiqar, we sometimes have to hear them (Army) concerning the projects.
Me. It’s all right.

2011: Flight from Karachi to Islamabad. Someone introduced himself as Major General Retires Naqvi.  
GN: An NGO of Pakistan Army is planning to seek major funding for flood relief. What do you think, would it serve the people.
Me. Does Army have no other business except to insert into to domain of civil society? I think it has not looted the citizens enough, so now it requires usurping Donor Agencies in the name of serving people.

2011: Meeting with Al-Qaida

A person associated with Al-Qaida met me in 2011. I shared this with a senior at Christian Studies Centre, Rawalpindi. They kept quite. The night Osama Bin Laden was killed, and the news was not yet made public, he gave me a call and told “They killed the Prophet!” He wept. I was silent. I understood what does he meant.
The person was killed in a bomb blast in Quetta during January 2013, during the period I was forcedly taken back to Pakistan by ISI after giving me poison in Kathmandu, Nepal. I felt this very strange that CSC told me that the person is fine. You have misunderstood.

2014: India Pak Section of Delhi Police Bhawan

Inspector Ved Parkash wrote down my statement in Hindi, and asked me to sign it. I wore before signing it); “Signed after the statement was read out to me because I cannot read Hindi.” He said why you have written this in English? I replied sarcastically, “Should I write this line in Hindi?” For at least six months officials in disguise tried me to read out the Hindi text. This did not only create troubles to me, but also made me to laugh over the waste of six months regarding the issue.
Another Inspector forced me to introduce my-self as Pakistani. I refused, and said I am a Sindhi refugee. He abused bitterly.

2015: An Interview in Delhi

Interviewer: Why you have faced this persecution?
Me: Because I was engaged in the rights based activism on blab bla bla issue and also have written on these issues as well.

Interviewer: Do you know about freedom movement, as well as the militancy in Sindh?
Me: Freedom movement there is on the peak, and the militancy as I have read in the newspapers was also there to some extent but it has caused no human casualty (according to the newspapers). I don’t know about it these days because I read newspapers very randomly these days.  
Interviewer: So you were doing all this until 2011.

Me. No. Until early 2012.

Interviewer: Oh You….!
Me. You are mixing the things. I have been doing rights based activism until early 2012.

2014 – 2015: Human Trafficking and Prostitution in Delhi

I have been given temporarily a room in the area where ISI is stationed (according to some locals, I am not sure of this). I am continuously being given chemical there. The area also encourages human trafficking and prostitution. I am forced to get involved in this business as well, which I don’t want to.
I will write details about the means and methods of this in future. What I am being said that my and my wife’s family members and friends are forcedly taken to India now, and they would also be forced to the business of prostitution…..
This is a heinous crime of harassment.

(I have written this time about the political and other aspects to which my persecution is connected because I have already written a lot about the other reasons).  

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India February 5, 2015