Dirty tricks of persecution – a brief

The nightmare is not over yet. I have been continuously abused in the area I am living in.

In almost every street of Rohni, whenever I move out from the place, I am being abused. ‘Mother Fucker’, ‘Son of Bitch’ and ‘Fuck Your Wife and Sisters’ are the common slangs I hear since last seven months. Late in the night last week, a few persons entered in the courtyard of the temple and shouted, ‘we’ll screw up your wife!’

Psychological drama
Whenever I purchased anything from the vendors and transporters of all kind, they utter ‘these rupees are the number of your family members, so now we are keeping them with us.” Others say, these are not simply rupees. These are your friends and family members. Whenever you purchase anything you give these to us and we use to sleep with them in the night.

They usually say the terminologies like utha gaya (grab you), ruk gaya (stopped you), beth gaya (you have sat here), nikal gaya (now you are free) and kat liya (we chopped up you).

All this is being done to psychology pressurize and demoralize us. Those who say this to me are Indians. So what should I say? Is it Pakistan alone that is persecuting me? No. It is crystal clear that the parts of Indian system are also involved. At the same time, I am thankful to those who help us out in such a grave situation.

Recent most threats
While in the streets of Rohni, a couple of days ago when I was due to visit an Embassy in Delhi, I was threatened for the consequences if I visited there after making my shave bla bla --- Laughter! Because I obeyed! This is how these defeatist psychological actions by the persecutors and their facilitators are part of my daily life in Delhi.

They also hint the name of various countries, which according to them are part of the persecution also. I don’t believe them because they are not in front of me.

Thieves in the Temple and Shrine
I live in a room of the trust that looks after a temple and shrine in Rohni Sector 11. In last seven months many things of us are stolen. Whenever we move out of the home, they steal or disturb something. In the first month, the hard disk of laptop was stolen. I gave my laptop for repair to an employee of the trust that has facilitated us a room. Later on thrice my laptop was damaged, and my blackberry phone was mishandled. Over 1400 numbers and over 2000 email got erased.

The worst emotional shock for me was when they stole a shawl that was gifted to me by a beloved friend in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in 2008.

What to de?
I am also being said that the place I am living is near to the double agents of Pakistan and India. I don’t know!

What to do? Is a case with the police solution? I don’t think so. I also register an online complaint with Delhi Police Crime Branch early last year regarding the theft of my 40000 rupees from Jatar Mantar, New Delhi from the protest.

Finally, I have decided to write-down this briefest blog so that the activists and well wishers in India may be able to do something. I also consider this belong as a complaint to the Indian authorities. Let us see, what happens!

One thing is for sure that I don’t fear this tactics. They cannot distract me, through this, from my opinion and writings.

Zulfiqar Shah, January 3, 2014, New Delhi