Questions without Answers

I have some serious questions concerning our years long persecution (2007-2015 in Pakistan, Nepal and India) particularly during 2011-2015. I know, none is there to reply these questions, yet asking questions is a matter of high importance:

1. No authority in India has updated me / us regarding the facts and details of what has happened against us in Delhi. If any investigations is carried, why we have been not shared regarding this. If no investigation has been carried so far, why authorities hasn't taken this seriously.

2. Why United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) India is silent on the issue?

3. No human rights body / journalists and / or writers' body across the world has mentioned the case of our persecution in their annual report on the human rights violations. Even the South Asian rights bodies has remained silent on the issue. No need to mention that almost all major human rights bodies sought the details of the issue in 2012 and 2013. How can this be possible?

4. Why I have been kept under silent and invisible persecution?

5. Why I am being tried to portray as abnormal?

6. Why I have been kept on sex stimulating pharmacy? Why a few of the agents kept on talking porno with me at various times?

7. Why someone needs to undertake my character assassination?

8. Why gadgets are inserted probably in my spine, and other parts of body so that whenever I talk, even with my own self and think of past as well as absurdity "someone" hears as well as views the images?

9. Everyone is ready to whisper every-time that you are in the G-Row. And, according to G-Row, as I have been forced to know, the currency notes, my steps and everything associate some persons. Wherever I pay these things, I am being told that this guy / girl is your that note. I don't believe in this. I know this the process not only to exhaust me but also to make me idiot but I can't stop it one-way because in almost whole of Delhi everyone is available to tell me the same. As if someone wants to get safe passage from possible inquiry to prove me an insane person.

10. Why rights bodies are silent when our personal life has been directly shared through live / recorded vision with a large number of persons without our permission?

11. Who, as an aide to Pakistan authorities, is in favour of our persecution? And why a country like India has remained obliged to facilitate Pakistan authorities?

12. Why some media organizations in the world are asked not to publish me, meanwhile some others are asked to share my write-ups with certain "persons" before publication?

13. Why some persons in India were unnecessarily harassed when they showed their sympathy with us?

14. A few Indians in October 2014 while travelling in Metro inter-city fast train said me that they have made you controversial because I conflicted them. Were they lip-serving on behalf of some Pakistanis or they were doing lip-service for some Indians or the others?

15. What are the exact reasons under estimate my efforts for civil and political rights?

16. An embassy refused me visa in 2013 and the Embassy officials said that "I was secure in India. And, my refugee resettlement in India is under-process". However, I have neither been secure (physically, psychologically and financially) nor I have been formally told that my refugee resettlement in India is under process. In that case, why someone is trying on one hand that my refugee resettlement outside India should be resisted, meanwhile my issues in India may not be resolved?

17. Why and who exactly wants that I may not write, and should not have an access to the internet? Why continuous interference was made to damage my laptop?

18. After poisoning by Pakistan in Nepal, why Pakistan authorities were further given access to me / us?

19. Why every effort has been made to restrict my financial resources?

20. Why despite my exceptional role for the services of humanity, I have been made victim of the persecution to the unethical and inhuman way?

21. Why my complaints submitted against Pakistan Authorities and their facilitators at the United Nations Office of Human Rights Commissioner (OHRC) has not been replied as yet?

22. Someone in 2013 while we were protesting, probably doing lip-service on behalf of a Pakistani official, said me, "USA and UK would decide concerning the issue between us ...The land for that would be India." Was it true? If yes, what were the exact reasons for that?

23. I have been asked questions concerning politics, and is audio-visually recorded. Sometimes, I feel that someone is trying to portray me political activist despite the fact that I was a civil and political right activist and am a socio-political analyst. I want to know that why this is happening?

24. In early 2014, I was told one of EU country Embassy that I was safe in India and Indian authorities were considering my refugee resettlement therefore visa would not be issued to me. An international network of writers told me while working my refugee resettlement outside India that they will not further process anything regarding my issue since they did not wanted to have a conflict with Indian authorities. I am still unable to understand the situation?

Probably, none is there in the world who may want to reply these questions.

Zulfiqar Shah, New Delhi, India, April 27, 2015