Protest fasting and observing silence

A twenty-four hours' protest fasting including fasting silence is enlightening in comparison with the twenty four months of extreme persecution. May Sindh always remain prosperous and win freedoms. May our persecutors get courage to identify the righteous path! November 16, 2014 ---
Dear Friends,

Greetings from New Delhi, India!

In the given circumstance of my prolonged persecution jointly carried by Pakistan and India here in New Delhi, I have decided to hold ‘Protest Fasting’ inclusive of Observing Silence for 24 hours on November 15.  The Protest fasting will begin on November 15, 9 AM and will be concluded by November 16, 8 AM.  

Because last time I protested for at least 9 months at the public places, this time I have decided to protest on my place staying due to given circumstance especially because I am spending an unsafe environment here since last five months. I’ll be here at my temporary stay place at:

The Shrine of Pir Bala Ji at Satbhavna Mandir
Rohni Sector XI, New Delhi, India

Since my room is adjacent to the temples of Lord Shiva as well as of Shri Hanuman and the Shrine of Pir Baba, I would also hold prayers for my persecutors that may Eshwar / Allah/ God give my persecutor courage and wisdom enough to end the persecution. I will also hold prayer that may God give Pakistani establishment courage to adopt humanity so that they may unharm political rights activists in Sindh and Balochistan and stop victimizing Sindhi Hindu, Sikh as well as Christians.    

I know, a single person’s this kind of protest will not move my persecutors. But at least I would be satisfying myself that at least I observed the protest against all this. I have decided to protest for 24 hours at the moment due to my health reasons. If my persecution doesn’t come to an end, I would observe an infinite fasting (unto death) after some time.

If you want to know why I am observing Protest Fasting, you can go through the following links:


Zulfiqar Shah
Refugee from Sindh (Pakistan)
New Delhi, India

November 13, 2014